From 202 to 142 – Paula

Breakfast Trick You Can Start Today To Melt Away Fat
"I Torched 60 Pounds and I'm Not Afraid Of Losing Control Of My Weight Again!"

My Transformation

A few months ago, I topped out at 202.

But just yesterday at the doctor's office I weighed in at 142.

Nurse Deb's jaw almost hit the floor when she saw the new me!

I get teary-eyed because

it reminds me of what it was like - to fail at every diet and attempt to lose weight.

I tried to eat low-calorie foods and walk a few miles every day... but it didn't help.

My large self stayed large...

and I thought nothing would ever work for me.

Until my doctor friend, Phil, passed on the info to me about the simple 7-second Breakfast Trick that kick-started my metabolic system into overdrive....locking my body into a 24/7 "calorie burning" mode.

It takes 2 steps:

Step number 1: Grab your favorite morning drink.

Step number 2: Do exactly what they say in the video below.

It's nothing short of amazing.

If someone told me a year ago I only had to add ONE thing to my morning routine to lose the extra weight, I would not have believed it.

In just a matter of months, a "new me" emerged, after I learned how to trigger my metabolic hormones to slim down.